Washington Square Towers


Welcome to Washington Square Towers where tranquility and modern design collide. Immerse yourself in the comfort of the spacious lobbies located in both of the beautiful towers. Or stroll between the towers which are lined with gorgeous trees that lead to an array of relaxation destinations such as cafés, spa’s, and quick eats all within a walking distance from Washington Square Towers. Consider visiting one of the greatest luxury towers located in the heart of Bellevue Washington. Positioned only a few minutes’ walk away from an upscale shopping center, a library, abundant choices in high-class restaurants, and much more. Washington Square Towers will leave you in awe.

The Public-Facing Site hosts non-sensitive public information, while the Washington Square Towers 1&2 Condominium Home Owner site offers restricted access allowing for secure sharing of private community-related information

*** If you are interested in purchasing a unit at Washington Square Towers 1&2 Condominium, please look for available units through a real estate marketplace or contact your real estate agent.